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About Us

Beijing JZJX Co. Ltd was founded in the end of 2014.

JZJX is an exploiter of sport information technology in China. The company’s management team consists of seniors from sports industry and IT industry, who worked in BOCOG, China Sports Industry Co., Ltd, technology department of China Development Bank, and now we become one of the most professional sports information technology teams in China.

Deeply participated in several popular programs within the industry, our team was in charge of more than ten essential IT systems, such as government and state-owned company, such as Olympic stadium information technology, the Asian games information safety program, Chinese Golf club league(CGCL), PGA Tour, China Development Bank, DHL management system.

Taking “focus on technology, serve for sports” as our concept, JZJX will create more possibilities for the sports industry with professional and efficient services.

In October 2014, the State Council issued the No.46 document on promoting developing sport industry, and clearly pointed out “encourage mutual communications and support information enterprises to exploit products and service in sports industry. “In March 2015, Li Keqiang, the premier of the State council, emphasized that “follow the trend of internet will make China’s economy prosperity”

JZJX follows the government policies and the trend of sports industry’ development, and takes “internet + sport” as the breakthrough point to develop sports products and services from the perspective of informatization. We devote to promote the development of sport informatization, and also try to provide high-quality life style for people through interconnection and internetworking, making sports daily and routine, and providing convenient and efficient sport technology products and services to the government, sports organizations, sports associations, enterprises and individuals.

Beijing JZJX Co.Ltd has registered capital of 50 million yuan and its head office is located in Guorui building, 16 Chongwenmenwai Avenue, Dongcheng District, Beijing.